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Stuffy's Restaurant has been a Longview/Kelso Landmark for years. Known for it's large portions, outstanding diner style food and bragging the Worlds Largest Cinnamon Rolls made from scratch, it's easy to see why this local hot spot has become such a success. Whether you are in the mood for something new, or just want an old favorite, our extensive selection offers something for every size appetite. Our friendly staff and prompt service guarantee a great dining experience.

Check out our Menu At Stuffy's, we have a lot of everything. Choose from breakfast eats to sandwiches, burgers, salads, pasta, and even dessert.

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Stuffy’s Challenges stuff

We have three challenges that can be taken on in order to be in the Stuffy’s Hall of Fame, a 25 year tradition.


All challenges must be eaten within the time limit to receive the cash prize and the free meal.

You must stay at the table until finished and all the food that has been eaten must go home with you in your tummy. (NO BATHROOM BREAKS!)

A timer will be set, if you go past the time but finish all your challenge you will still receive a T-shirt or a hat and still get put in the Hall of Fame, but you will not receive a complimentary meal.

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March's Outstanding Citizen of the Month

bill ammonsA Heart of Gold
Bill Ammons
Stuffy's thanks Bill for his generosity and giving back to the community by all of his kind acts. Thanks Bill!


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