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Get stuffed at Stuffy's!

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Hall of Fame

We have three challenges that can be dared to be taken on by any brave beast! The monster who

accomplishes one of our challenges while following the rules below, will have earned a spot in our

Stuffy’s Hall of Fame. Along with that, the competitor will recieve a FREE shirt or hat and get their

meal FREE. This is a 29 Year tradition. The details are specified in the individual challenge descriptions

listed below. 


1. All challenges must be eaten within the time limit to receive the winnings.

2. You must stay at the table until finished.

3. All the food that has been eaten, must go home with you in your stomach. (NO BATHROOM BREAKS!)

4. If you do not complete the challenge in the time specified, but finish the food, you will still receive a shirt or hat and be in The Hall of Fame. You will not receive the free meal.